Affiliate Marketing

The ultimate aim of any business, regardless of the segment it works in, is to increase leads, maximise customers, and grow business online. All these can be achieved with the help of affiliate marketing without burning hole in your pocket.

Simply put, affiliate marketing means a website owner shows advertisements of some other business. The owner gets a percentage a cut for every single visit which leads to a conversion. This mode of business can be tailor-made to your business requirements as you can set the structure of the commission.

If you make use of affiliate marketing to your advantage it can not only increase your sale but awareness also. It is especially beneficial for smaller business houses as they have to pay only when they get results. As for big businesses, it opens up a new avenue for marketing.

You have to work with a lot of affiliates in order to make a big impact, but it will be difficult to manage all of them. It will be a big task to contact, track, and liaise with all affiliates as you have to spend a lot. This is where an affiliate network can step in. Here we will manage the whole affair for you.

We know that it is a daunting task of managing your brand’s reputation to someone else, because you have strove hard to build the reputation of your brand for all these years. That where we come to the picture. We are adept the fine art of managing your reputation.

At Hecate, we have developed strong working relationships with the UK’s major affiliates and affiliate networks giving us the depth of experience necessary to make your campaign work.

How we operate

First you need to establish a credible network of affiliates in order to succeed in your campaigns. It needs a lot of experience and expertise. At Hecate, we will get the right affiliate for your business. We always make sure that we recruit new affiliates while ensuring that we retain the existing ones. This is essential because in order to promote your products, the affiliates have to have a thorough knowledge about you and your firm. We ensure that those poor-performing affiliates also perform well so that ultimately your business will stand to benefit. We are unique because we pay attention to both low as well as high performing affiliates to increase their performance and activities. Mostly importantly, we vet all the affiliates being they are inducted to the network. This way we ensure quality.

Once we have identified the right networks, we move on to setting up account, networking management which includes regular monitoring of the activities of your affiliates. The attention is then focused on what works best for your firm: HTML email designs, banners or content. We identify the best option for your business. We also make sure that we follow all the guidelines.

Equally important is an emphasis on transparency. We rigorously follow all the procedures and mechanisms so that we will apprise you the progress of your campaign frequently.

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