Effective methods for measuring content marketing effectiveness

11 Dec 2018

Content is the core of your business website. It has to be clean, clear, and engaging. To be simple, creating true, loyal, influential, and appealing contents can be stated as content marketing. It has to be done right, as it is the starting point of an effective funnel.

Measuring content effectiveness refers to checking whether the content supports your business and marketing goals.

The first step towards measuring the effectiveness of a content is to finalize the key performance indicators( KPI). Have a look at some of the KPI's which you may want to track.

Objectives                                          Associated matrices

Brand awareness                              Website traffic, page views, video views, document downloads, etc.                                                               

Customer engagement                      Blog comments, likes, shares, tweets, etc

Lead generation                                 Email subscripiton, blog subscription,  conversion rates, form completion, etc.                                                               

Customer retention                            Subscriptions and unsubscriptions

As each and every business is unique, you cannot stick on a standard format for measuring content effectiveness. But while developing the measurement process, these tips may be of great help.

Make use of the high-end big data analysis tools, like Google 360 efficient enough to help you derive the marketing strategies. Have a thorough understanding of the website traffic!

Measurement is not occasional, but an integral part of your business process.

The three steps involved in the measuring process are,

a) Finalize what to track

Have a detailed discussion to finalize the key performance indicators of your business. Be transparent that every member of the team has a clear idea regarding them. Establish a performance benchmark to facilitate an easy analysis. Identify the company’s priorities initially to determine which goals to focus on.  Also, have an understanding of which key performance indicators (KPIs) to track to prove your content’s impact. Always design with a scope for future expansion of data to be measured.

b) Measuring and managing the tracked data

The primary step towards measuring the tracked data is to set a convenient schedule for measurement. Developing and implementing a metrics dashboard opens a good platform to display all the required data in one place for an easy analysis.   Dashboards can be customized with the right tools to make it a perfect fit for your business. Organize the information to make the reporting, an easy task.

c) Transforming the info into actionable insight

Develop a grading system to successfully transform the obtained info into actionable insights. Make use of the analytics tools for a detailed information and take necessary actions to enhance the ROI.

A consistent focus on your content marketing can bring in a visible change for certain!

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