Brand Strategy

Understanding Your Environment

You can’t plan for the future without knowing where you stand today. Our Brand Audit provides a clear and honest look at the way your brand is currently perceived. We begin by getting to know your audience on the deepest level, conducting customer interviews designed to glean their perceptions, motivations and needs. We then carry out in-depth reviews of your existing communications and competitive landscape, bringing to light your brand’s real-world influence.

Unlocking Your Brand

The next step is the Brand Positioning phase. Here, we identify what boldly differentiates your brand in the minds of your customers. Our proprietary positioning workshops identify multiple dimensions of brand personality, unlocking and potentiating brand meaning. They include hands-on, collaborative exercises that define your core attributes. What makes Igynte unique is that we draw on techniques from the fields of behavioral psychology, sociology and mythology to illuminate a unified brand portrait.

Telling Your Story

The result of this collaborative process is the Brand Brief, a foundational document that succinctly articulates who you are and why you exist. It’s centered on the Big Idea, a densely packed yet scalpel-precise statement that encompasses everything your brand represents. These elements are finally woven into the Brand Narrative, a story rich with imagery and texture that inspires people to feel intimately connected and ultimately moved by your brand.

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