Influencer Marketing

Trust is the cornerstone of human life. When it comes to content marketing and public relations, trust plays a crucial role. The way trust is built has changed in the recent past. Influencer marketing is a great tool for building trust. It helps your brand reach new heights and achieve credibility. Today influence can happen either through a traditional newspaper column or a tweet. At the core of our offering is finding and targeting influencers. Our expertise lies in getting you the right influencers and managing your relationship with them.

Influencer. What kind of images this word conjure up in your mind? Celebrities? In today’s world any tom, dick and harry can be an influencer. Someone with a minimum of 100 friends on any social networking site can claim to be an influencer. If such a person shares something, it can be shared by his friends, no matter how small it is.

How Influencers benefit brand?

In spite of the niche target markets you address, there will be an influencer with a considerable followers interested in your services or products. The following are the ways in which influencers can be of benefit to your brand:

  • They give an opinion which are trusted by customers
  • They provide wide reach and vibrant audience to your brand
  • They bring out content which will be liked by their audience
  • They produce content in a better and faster manner
  • They generate leads
  • They support retention of customers
  • They help increase in the reach of campaigns

Influencer Marketing Process We Follow:

Our creative influencer and data-driven marketing strategies are tailored to the unique business goals of your brand. By using the world's prominent media influencers and micro publishers, we help brands tell their stories to their target audience with the help of our influential campaigns and cutting-edge content.

How do our influencer campaigns work?

  1. Comprehensive Brand Analysis
    Before we launch a campaign, we undertake a brand analysts try to get a comprehensive understanding of your product, goals and target audience.
  2. Locating Key Influencers
    After identifying your target audience, we then go on finding the key influencers for your brand. We ensure that these influencers reach your target audience faster. They work tirelessly to enhance the value of your brand or product and create compelling stories.
  3. Campaign Creation
    Once influencers for your campaign are shortlisted, our team entrusted with the task of designing campaigns will begin designing a compelling campaign which will be tailored around your brand. Select influencers will be roped in to be part of the campaigns by creating their own unique content. They then share this content among their followers and fans in order to make a buzz and create brand trust.
  4. Campaign Reporting
    We have a real-time campaign reporting mechanism which measures the entire campaign process from start to end. Once each campaign ends, our campaign team comes up with a zero-error report on all the engagement metrics recorded during the course of the campaign. This system of detailed reporting enables us to gain more insight into our performance and plan future campaigns.

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