Online PR

The Hecate Strategy team helps brands communicate in an effective manner with the target audiences online. Traditional PR involving print and TV is no longer relevant. Today we need a blend of print, broadcast and online media. They include blogs, online news sites, social networks, and discussion forums. Our specialist team will come up with a tailored online PR strategy for your business needs.

Our PR and content teams, leveraging their vast experience to create effective content and deliver campaigns, can lure your customers. Our team can understand the tone and direction of everything they create to ideally suit your business needs.

An Integrated Online PR Campaign

Though the fundamentals are the same, online PR can differ very much from traditional PR. A successful online PR campaign will make the best use of a blend of different tools, methods, and platforms.

Hecate will ensure that our PR teams use these to get you the desired exposure in the right places for your company. At first, we take our own sweet time to understand your company, your audience, segment, and your competitors. That way we will have an in-depth idea of the most effective places to place your brand. We can create successful campaigns across sectors by drawing upon our wide-ranging experience in the industry.

Mode of Operations

Improve Your Overall Presence Online

While being a successful means to promote your brand online, online PR can complement your other marketing channels. We create and distribute well-written articles which will boost your SEO. Most importantly they can augment your online reputation at the same time. Our dedicated team of PR professionals and journalists work together to produce editorials, articles, and news pieces which will represent your brand and the message you want to convey.

Online PR complements social media. We have seen that there has been a discernible change in the way people use media, with many relying on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as primary sources of news about potential goods or services. We take this in our mind while formulating an effective PR strategy for your brand.

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