Political Strategy


Our strategy is not only based on data index, but also on people’s psychology. Perhaps the key element in political campaigns. Any political campaign requires a strategy that can fit into the present political circumstances, rather than relying merely on legacy and past. Having said that, there are some places where legacy works and there are some places it does not. Identifying the right narrative for a constituency is the first thing required to create a strategy that ensures victory.

Constituency Analysis
Campaign Strategy
Counter Strategy
Digital Strategy

Policy Making

We have the seasoned policy makers with immense experience in devising policies for national parties. They set the ball rolling for you. Leveraging from various models of policy-making examples from around the globe, we will be able to provide you with the remarkable model for your requirement.

Development Analysis
Public Manifesto
Crucial Policies


Getting the right narrative takes you half way to the finishing line. We never focus on one-for-all strategy that often takes you nowhere. We believe in putting enough time for the research and development in order to come up with a narrative that fits well with the image of a candidate and party principles. Some place we have to build the story based on our legacy and some places we have to keep legacy aside. Our team of analyst will take a close look at the constituency data, culture and peoples phycology. This will help storytellers to come up with a perfect narratives.

Constituency Analysis
Create a narrative
R n D to establish the narrative
Counter narratives


A good designer is someone who reads the mind of people to come up with a design that communicates with the audience. As branding unit with extensive media background, we have the habit of asking questions until we discover the why is the why of the final why? Those questions inside us smoke out the piece of art in me. Perhaps, I would say design is a formal response to a strategic question. Our designers believe art is not only about its design element. It is an intermediary between information and understanding. Our art speaks for you

Campaign Themes
Hoardings & Banners
Digital Creatives
Counter Cartoons

Media Out-Reach

Though we have plenty of networking sites, which give us a feel that it has taken over the space of media, you just need to hold on. Those microblogging sites have not supplanted our daily newspapers with the morning tea; and those sites that run primarily on technology cannot replace our habit of switching on television whenever something important happens.

In this digital era, Media has not lost its charm. It is still the best way to communicate with the masses. We have the best in the industry for media intelligence. Be it national, international or regional, we ensure the visibility. We don’t believe in quantity, we believe in quality.

Media intelligence
Press Release Dissemination
One-on-one Interviews
News Positioning

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