Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the indispensible tool in the hands of a marketer today. SEM is the fine art of making use of paid advertisements alongside search engine results pages. An SEM marketer has to understand keywords that online users might use in order to search for a product or service. Here, the key is to understand the thought process of users who search online for various requirements. At Hecate, we put users’ mind at the core of what we do. Analysing the users’ behavioural patterns, thought process, interests, and changing search trends in general is of paramount importance when it comes to formulating tailor-made SEM strategies. We ensure individual attention and approach for each client, because we simply hate one-size-fit-all approach.

Technical SEO

  • Keyword Search
    • By analysing your competition and analysing the keywords they are optimizing for, we can create informed Search Engine Marketing Strategies that leverage your strengths, advance your position in search results, and identify opportunities for revenue
  • Predictive Modelling
    • We use predictive modelling based on past keyword and portfolio performance to estimate key metrics - numbers of clicks, CPC and revenue of each keyword – and deliver critical information needed to make informed decisions about every campaign
  • A/B Multivariate Testing
    • By consistently testing strategies against one another we help you find the exact content that yoru customers respond to the fastest and with the best measurable results to home in on your sweet spot in every campaign

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be defined as the art of organically increasing the number of visitors to a website by improving its search engine results page (SERP) ranking for keywords.

SEO assumes greater significance in the success of company’s digital strategy. The thrust is always given for the improvement of relevance, technical efficiency, and overall user experience.

Crucial to the success of any website is optimising a website to deliver informative and attractive content to the right users. You need to have high-converting and relevant target keywords.

SEO may look very difficult, given the fact that Google’s algorithm takes into account more than 200 different factors when ascertaining the suitable search rank of web pages. We have dedicated SEO professionals who can take on this challenge.

Thanks to our constant testing and training we understand the intricate nature of SEO. We know the best practices and can provide you the best service in optimising your site.

SEO is all about being noticeable. Millions of online users take to their favourite search engines for answers. No matter which search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo), it has been proved that only 10% of users make it to the second page of results. So it is a fierce fight to get placed in the page one.

Our Approach

At Hecate, we adopt a performance-based strategy which guarantees that your websites will become, and remain so, visible across search engines and various devices. We make use of data, obtained from various channels, to draw greater insights from our clients’ offerings and websites.

Our approach to SEO is clear and transparent. We adopt a robust three-pillar strategy for SEO.

We begin by site audits, analysis of technical, on-page and off-site elements, which let us to make suggestions based on ease of implementation and the likely impact. This will be followed by the constant support wherein we take you through the constantly changing search engine guidelines, algorithm adjustments, and user experience needs.

Our competitive insights include deep analysis of visibility scores, customer intent signals, backlink profiles, and ranking data for the most important keywords to your business. Our skills in Google Analytics, CoreMetrics BrightEdge, and Omniture, are crucial in tracking implementation results and examining traffic changes. So we will be able to make exact recommendations based on KPI reports. We are also capable of managing content strategy, because potential buyers always look for useful and relevant information to help in their purchase.

Our professional team will do the necessary research of the keywords which are most relevant to your customer base. We will also manage the content in an appropriate manner. We try to increase traffic from those who try to accomplish a task or find a service that your company provides.

Expect high-quality results

The search engines algorithms keep changing, which means that we need to constantly innovate and adapt. The SEO’s dynamic nature means that there is the risk of constant overlap with rest of your digital outputs. But not to worry! Our dedicates team of SEO specialists can wonderfully collaborate and integrate to make sure great results in areas like search, content, social and display.

We can enable our clients to understand the search opportunities which are available to them. Be it maintaining an above-the-fold listing, or the target is reaching Page 1, or dominating SERPs for key terms, we are adept at optimising your website.

If you want to know more about how our SEO team can help you, please get in touch with us and hear from us how we will take your business to the newer heights through organic rankings.

Advanced SEO

We take a look at advanced on-[age strategies and provide you with recommendations including relevant author/publisher markup, advanced interlinking techniques and more; all which will help you outrank your competition

  • Mark - Up
    • This is a very crucial component of SEO. We give schema mark-up for all required pages of your site
  • Advanced interlinking
    • We find out segments where there is excessive interlinking and provide you new opportunities to increase your keyword relevancy for your targeted keywords
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
    • Today, brands need quality traffic to have for quality returns. Our expert team at Hecate examine barriers to conversion on your website and give you structural and UX/UI suggestions with the help of different industry tools, which in turn can increase your organis reach.

Technical SEO

We adopt a holistic and technical approach to identify those aspects which stymie your traffic or rankings. We can help you outrank your competition.

  • Site Architecture
    • Hecatians will optimize your URL structure, site navigation and more. Our team will identify important factors such as the required no-follow links and correct use of anchor text.
  • Duplicate Content
    • Duplicate content is the most common SEO issues many clients face. We will utilize 301 redirects and canonical tags to fix any duplicate content issues and improve your on SEO rankings.
  • Crawling
    • We will audit and monitor your webmasters’ account while optimising your robots.txt and making semantic sitemaps to increase your sites crawlability.

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