Strategic Communication

In any public relations campaign, it is of utmost importance to know what exactly the business owners need. At Hecate that is our first task. From branding to media relations to social media campaigns to crisis communications, the Hecate team has shown remarkable excellence and competence in delivering to the clients’ satisfaction, a testament to our phenomenal growth in such a short span of time.

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world of business, organisations need a public relations programme that helps them stand out from their peers and reach the target audience. Hecate has worked with start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and established companies to provide the public relations strategy in accordance with their needs.

We fundamentally use fresh and creative ideas in tune with the clients’ needs, be it in social media campaigns, corporate branding, media relations, and crisis communications. At the core of our modus operandi is our ability to craft a winning public relations campaign for you. Our campaigns ensure that our clients get a RoI and enhanced brand identification.

We work with you to develop the customised messages, campaigns and programmes after analysing the unique set of goals of each and every business.

Leveraging our years of experience in journalism, marketing, public relation and branding, Hecate blends our unparalleled news judgment, messaging and storytelling abilities with cutting-edge technology to keep the audience engaged to help your business succeed.

We strongly believe in the adage that if our client succeeds, we succeed. All our relationships with our client are driven by this one-point agenda.

We seek your business success.

Some of the services we offer:
  • Media relations
  • Crisis communications and management
  • Community relations
  • Blogger engagement
  • Product launches
  • Speaking engagements
  • Market research/surveys
  • Special events

Media Relations

We do not believe in the conventional media relation strategies. For us, media relations are not about managing a bevy of journalists in the English media. We try to extend our network to regional and vernacular media. To be precise, we have a pan-India media relations programme that covers 90 percent of journalists across many states.

Crisis Management

India’s complex media environment throws up many crises. We take the crisis head on and offer rapid solutions. If we think that it is better to remain silent in a crisis, we prefer to do so. We change strategies depending on the need of the hour.

External Communication

  • Corporate reputation management
  • Brand Enhancement
  • Investor meet

Internal Communication

  • In House communication
  • News Letter
  • Office Structural Reengineering

Political PR

With a new breed of young educated politicians taking centre stage, we have devised a communication plan for leaders. We believe that there exists a huge market for reputation management for politicians in a structured professional way.

  • Brand Building
  • Brand Management
  • Policy making
  • Election strategy
  • Online Reputation

Film PR

Though the film field, which is large one encompassing both national as well as regional cinema, is recognized now as an industry, it is still run in an unorganized manner. Large amounts are invested but communication strategies are still in the conventional realm. We evolve new ways of communicating the strengths and unique aspects of films and the creative artists by leveraging conventional as well as new media.

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