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Anoop Raghav

A journalist-turned-strategist, Anoop Raghav has metamorphosed from being a journalist to a strategist in a short span of time. After working with leading media companies in India, he set himself on a path of self-discovery and a passion for designing novel strategies, which have earned helped him carve a niche for himself.

Vinod Bhanu

Vinod Bhanu is a seasoned policy maker, who worked with leading political parties in India. He has been a resource person for leading parliamentarians and political parties. He is the director of Centre for Legislative Research and advocacy. He is also an integral part of many parliamentarians’ forums in Delhi.

Alpa Shah

Bold and beautiful. A designer who is also a master organiser and coordinator, Alpa has been the backbone of Hecate. Alpa has been associated with leading brands in India and abroad, giving their brand a refreshing look to attract the viewers. She leads the pack of designers, who are set to unleash.

Vikram Kamble

A self-made man, who has learnt everything from experience, Vikram has been the one-point contact for all media-related activities from coverage to media training. Having worked with leading PR agencies in India, he helps us getting a reach that is often beyond expectations. He coordinates PR associates across the country.

Saj Felixx

A technical and creative professional with over two decades of experience gained from developing and executing some of the successful media and event projects across India and Asia, SajFelixx is a name to reckon with in the Indian television arena. He creates and execute the electronic media plan for Hecate.

B.F Firos

A narrator who loves to play with words, Firos can build a story from scratch. A journalist and prolific writer with 18 years of experience, Firos has worked with leading media organisations such as The New Indian Express, Cyber Media, MIDDAY, etc. in varying capacities. Read, write, eat, sleep and repeat.

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